What is API?

API is an application programming interface. APIs are used for real data inventory ability management. Mostly it’s used for real booking management. Such as a flight, hotel room, and booking something from the inventory part. A simplified booking system development application programming interface called API.

What is Hotel API? 

Hotel API allows – you to search and book a hotel from the online hotel data. These Hotel APIs manage rates, availability, and a variety of accommodations that allow you to offer clients with best options. Hotel Booking API is used to make an online hotel booking portal. All data is connected with availability, supplier, type, and functionality with the APIs. And its developer provides a user interface with the hotel API implementation. Hotel API Price $650, Order Now.

Our Hotel API Provider offers you the best Hotel API Benefits:

  • Easily integrate into your existing system.
  • Automate hotel booking and payment process.
  • Online hotel search and book functionality.
  • Hotel room ability management.
  • Wide variety of accommodations.
  • Simplify the hotel booking process.
  • Instant booking confirmation for hotels.
  • Allows hotel booking cancellation.
  • Increases brand presence in the international market.
  • Option to change/amend hotel booking.
  • The function of mapping and de-duplication.
  • Custom-design solution.
  • Less time-consuming.
  • Markup profits.
  • Last-minute availability
  • Best B2B prices Guarantee
  • Free IT to support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Fast and reliable XML
  • 24/7 customer service


How do I get a Hotel API?

Here are some popular hotel supplier APIs that can provide you the real-time data. Hotels do not provide APIs Suppliers provide free API, because with API platforms suppliers doing business. Right now online hotel booking portal is a unique product of a travel agent. A travel agent collects the hotel APIs from the hotel supplier. And zoo Travel Technology Company implements those APIs on a hotel booking platform. You can call this business module a hotel booking portal. It’s a passive business module, where a user will book the hotel room through APIs.

What is the purpose of these hotel booking APIs?

  • Hotel API will help your business increase revenues while automating processes.
  • Reducing the time and energy required to finish an area booking.
  • Its purpose is to make the business easier with live data and inventory availability.
  • Hotel API offers detailed descriptions, including room types, images, and services, it could be more than 500,000 properties worldwide. depends on the supplier API documentation.


Our seamless XML technology is straightforward to implement, giving you access to over 500,000 hotels worldwide quickly and easily.  With our fast and reliable feed, you can see our hotel inventory on your own website or booking system. We have our own IT team who can help you with this process.

B2B & B2C Online Hotel Booking System

Our state-of-the-art B2B Online Booking System is proprietary software developed in-house. The advanced multi-currency, multi-lingual booking engine provides instant access to over 500,000 hotels worldwide plus transfers and activities for travel agents, tour operators, and other travel companies, enabling a fast and efficient booking process. On the market, the online booking system provides a robust sales platform by assisting to generate sales around the clock. With multiple hotel APIs connected to the booking system, the platform brings the lowest rates of hotels contracted by these suppliers, thus benefiting end-users to receive superb deals.

Zoo Travel Technology helps to implement your hotel supplier’s APIs.  Hotel Booking API Implement Price Starts from 650$ | For details Whatsapp +8801978569299

Hotel API Search Demo: www.hotel.zoo.family

Your Supplier Admin Panel Details:

Supplier Website Link: https://online.travellanda.com

User: mydemo

Password: zooFamily786

Your Hotel User Backend Details:

User Website Link: https://hotel.zoo.family/login

Email: demouser@zoo.family

Password: zooFamily786

Order Hotel API

hotel api

Still, if you don’t understand the business module then you need an online hotel booking portal consultant. Our consultant will describe the full business module and plan.

Order Online Hotel Booking Portal Consultancy

I will describe the online hotel booking system and its API’s functionality. Describe how an admin panel works with the functionality and its features. And help you to choose the right hotel APIs for your online hotel booking portal.

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