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We have 3 business modules under zooFamily – Online Travel Community! zooFamily is a non-profitable business module, and its organizers are a well-known travel company. Our investment module provides you with the freedom to be an entrepreneur.

Bank Guarantee Investment Module


For this module, you have to make a fixed deposit in your name. Your money will be in your name under your bank account. You will get the facility of fixed deposit’s bank Interest from the bank part. And from our part, we provide a 7% commission on all air tickets.

Invest in IATA Travel Agent | Be an IATA Member

If you want to start a business then most important your investment security. We make a business module where you can invest your money with 100% security. You may arise a question in your mind: how it’s possible? Yahh here is the way how you invest International Air Transport Association (IATA)?


Recently, we offered an attractive business proposal, which makes your money more secure and makes ensure your profit. Here are the details of how you invest International Air Transport Association (IATA) with us:

  • Make an FDR (Fixed deposit) in your name, Enjoy Fixed Deposit interest from the Bank. And ask your bank to issue a bank guarantee for International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • We will not accept any cash, only the Bank guarantee. And against your bank guarantee, we give access to IATA. We want your involvement where you can control your money access and business.
  • For your personal air ticket sales, our business provides a full 7% commission. Its means the opportunity to earn more with the business.
  • From our part, we provide a 7% commission on all air tickets, which mean we provide full of IATA commissions.
  • Get the IATA access from us, it will help you to monitor all of the sales and money flow. It’s a part of access where you can see your bank guarantee amount where being used.

Those simple ways of agreement could give you freedom of business with the aviation and travel industry. We believe, our business module is very safer for a person or company. With our outstanding business module, you can be our authorized agent and partner.

Sales Outlet Investment Module

For this module, you have to provide us 10 lac cash deposit in our Bank. This money is refundable when you will close the business. With this money and agreement, we will provide our full of the system, OTA, all solutions, and permission to use our brand and logo. For our system and standard service maintenance, we will keep 1% service charges on base fare. It is the module of a freedom travel business partner where a business partner gets a 6% commission + corporate deal commission. And as partners we will keep 1% as service charge, Our full system is an automated system where everything is set up as per business agreement.

To set up an outlet you have to decorate your office at your own expense. We only provide you with all kinds of technical support, and you have to manage the business operation as per your own choice.

OTA (Online Travel Agency) Investment Module

Online Travel Agency (OTA) is a company that mediates various travel services online. These services may include flights, hotels, tours, visas, etc. As you know we working with travel inventory and technology. So this business module is for those people who want to invest in online only. And if a client comes physically in the office then they can send the client to our office for an assistant. The main goal of us is to work with you as our partner and motivate you to work with the aviation and travel industry.


There are few companies in Bangladesh that provide travel technology and solutions. We zooFamily Online Travel Community one of them, provide OTA development and solutions. Before investment, you can take an OTA consultancy,(click here to buy your consultancy). And the most attractive part of OTA investment you don’t need an office. In fact, your client can use our office as our partnership name. For OTA Demo visit: , We have 3 packages for your OTA development. To know more click our packages:

1: Affiliate OTA

2: Corporate OTA

3: Travel Agent OTA (API Enabled)

We believe by 2022- 98% of travel businesses will go through online. So we encourage this module to those people who are understanding with a website and online business module.

10 Reasons why you invest in the travel business?

  • Business Opportunities:

Bangladesh Online Travel Agency business market is growing very fastly. The market is more than 5000 crore in a month in Bangladesh. But there are few operating online travel businesses in Bangladesh. The opportunities are so big that you need a smart partner: like Airways Office, Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd, and others.

  • Traveling Opprtuniteis:

When you running your own travel business, that means a lot of travel opportunities. The more you travel the more experience you can share with your customers, blogs, and social media. The more you travel the more knowledge you have on destinations to become an expert on a specific country or type of travel. As you’ll be working with many tour operators and holiday suppliers there will often be organized trips in which to take part.

  • High Transaction Facilities:

This is a business where you can do massive transactions. A lot of people need high transaction volume business. Do you know why? Because nowadays business is like a virtual game to earn more money with knowledge. The human first desire is money and the second desire is travelling. So people are highly interested to earn money and want to travel around the world.

  • Social Status :

If you are an IATA travel agency and involved in the aviation trade and travel industry people. Then it is a prestigious issue and dignity that you are a member of civil aviation and IATA. Sometimes social status and designation of a company help to earn from society. Do you know what I mean? yes, you know! Friends and family always will choose you or your “company” to buy any travel inventory: Like – air tickets, visa assist, holiday packages, and more.

  • Smart Investment:

To invest in a travel company is called smartness. Do you know why? Because working with the aviation and travel industry is always fun. You have many opportunities to get a lot of fun trips from your travel agents, airlines, software company. The whole year goes with many fun trips. In fact, sometimes travel companies get many exciting corporate deals from airlines. Those deals help to earn the extra incentives, and in the end, all money talks about as a “profit” which is called smart investment.

  • Passive Income:

When you can make an online travel agency (OTA) with your own payment gateway, it means your shop is open 24/7 online. So there is a huge opportunity for your passive income. You may be sleeping but your earning is generating as per your markup policy. Who doesn’t want that kind of dream business! But for that, you need a minimum investment and a skilled OTA development company, such as zooIT (Information Technology Company).

  • Global earning potentiality :

By an Online Travel Business, you can earn globally with a global currency and payment gateway system. To earn globally you have to manage first a payment gateway system. Where is necessary to use your travel portal to collect the booking money. With the proper plan, you can earn globally from an online travel agency (OTA).

  • High Security:

You cant see the money because all money is virtual, and a travel agent rollover the money with the bank guarantee. So you have to be smart enough like IATA. If you maintain a good system, policy, high tech guy, and OTA. Then there is no risk in the business and it’s highly secured for your business maintenance.

  • Without office you can earn:

The attractive part of an online travel business, you don’t need an office. With an OTA website, you can earn money without an office If you buy an OTA system from us then your client can take the service from our office as per your necessity. If you want to make a full online-based office then also it’s possible with your operational system. Online make the travel business easier than before.

  • Happiness and Passion:

The most important part of work is happiness and passion. A person should build his/her career with her passion. And happiness is the most important part of life. I think this is a job where you can find happiness and passion. So if you think you are that person who gives the value of happiness and passion then this is the business you must start.


Who will help you to invest in the travel business?

zooFamily – Online Travel community will help you to invest in the travel business. Our organizers are a few IATA travel agents and zooIT information technology companies. After COVID-19 many travel agents are affected, so zooFamily opened a travel business investment module. I think it will be a very good opportunity for a businessman and travel industries people. Different people invest in a travel company with a different view of point. If your view matches with the module then it’s the place to work together.

For details, you may call or WhatsApp us: +8801678569299

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