What is Flight API?

An API permits you to incorporate outsider GDS/Wholesaler stock/takes care of into the booking motor on your site. So when a client makes a hunt to book a flight or an inn on your site, they won’t be diverted to another site and the installment will be gathered by you. We provide GDS, Airlines, and flight API globally.

We have all kinds of flight API and we are the only flight API provider in Bangladesh. From us, you can buy a cheap flight API. Such as GDS API (Travelport, Sabre, Amadeus), US Bangla Airlines API, Indian LLC API, Other Airlines API and more. The price of our Flight API starts at 650$.

Our Flight API allows accessing content from more than 300+ LCCs and 790+ GDS airlines around the world. We help travel agents and service providers transform their businesses.


Flight API

Mainly flight API provides by Airlines, NDC Systems, and GDS systems. A global distribution system (GDS) is a computerized network system. Which is the most important travel inventory product for any travel agent. An API is the most demandable product of GDS. A GDS is operated through the 3 major Legacy: Amadeus | Galileo | Sabre.  And the other hand NDC (New Distribution Capacity) is an XML standard developed by IATA to empower airlines to offer their passengers rich content and additional services like luggage, seat, and class selection. Rich content is the only key to staying ahead of the competition and building a unique brand image for airlines. Airlines also provide their APIs as well, everything depends on your communication, budget, and business plan and modules.

We Provide Flight APIs not only in Bangladesh but also globally. We are zooFamily; A School of travel inventory and Technology in Bangladesh. Travel API is connected to access the travel inventory from GDS, a third-party flight API. Travel agencies can access travel deals online through Travel API. It’s called 3rd generation travel system with works with API and a few clicks. For details, you may read the details of travel API.


GDS API Integration

GDS API Integration gives you flight booking solutions for online travel agents. An advanced flight booking software that holds the flight booking portal alive and active. These services help build an online flight booking portal. It is a major API for flight booking portals.

Why GDS API Integration is Important?

GDS API integration can be considered a platform that allows travel agencies or their clients to access travel data, book air tickets, and compare various prices for flights, hotels, buses, etc. The GDS API integration facilitates your customers to access large inventories on one platform rather than going to various platforms to make different bookings. Nowadays, it’s important to connect GDS API with the online travel agent (OTA).

What are the Most Popular GDS APIs?

The GDS industry has come a long way. The major global distribution systems for the travel business nowadays provide APIs. Nowadays most popular GDS APIS are
  1. Amadeus API
  2.  Sabre API
  3. Travelport API

For Booking PCC or API, we need a security deposit of 2000 USD or 200,000. For details Whatsapp: +8801978569299

GDS Flight API – Travelport | Sabre | Amadeus

GDS Flight API Price:

  1. GDS API Fee 250$
  2. GDS API HX remover cost 250$
  3. GDS API Consultation Fee 150$

GDS API Requirement:

  1. Trade License
  2. National ID
  3. Agreement Paper
  4. A main PCC or Sub PCC
  5. For PCC ID (2000USD security money or Bank guarantee)

Why do you buy GDS API From zooFamily?

  • zooFamily is a school of travel inventory and technology. Which provides HX-enabled GDS API at a reasonable price.
  • Its organizers have several IATA by the name of Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd., Airways Office, and a travel technology company by the name of zoo Travel Technology.
  • It provides GDS training and consultancy to improve your career.
  • The company gives 24/7 customer support to B2B travel agents.
  • Credit facility or partial payment module.

How One Can Use NDC API Integration for Distributing Airline Content?

Observing the current scenario of NDC API integration, one can use XML standards in different ways to supply airline content.

  • Airline NDC API
  • NDC Interface for IT service providers

Let us understand these in detail!


Small airlines are taking time to adopt NDC as they see it as a risk. On the contrary, Major airlines like Lufthansa, Air Canada, and British Airways created their NDC API solutions. All solutions have their way to use.  For instance:

At first, Lufthansa introduced the NDC API solution that established a direct distribution channel between airlines and their customers. In a short span, Lufthansa got a level 4 certification that proves its adoption of distribution via NDC.

Their distribution channels include:

  • Travel agencies
  • Distributors
  • Aggregators
  • Suppliers
  • Website Developers etc.

The scenario of airlines accepting New distribution capabilities is progressive. One can depict that sooner or later, airlines have to adopt the NDC API integration for better services. NDC is a blended communication for selling directly or via GDSs.

Airlines API

Mostly budget airlines provide individual APIs, because when airlines are not in the GDS system then they need to sell via their own APIs. That’s the reason travel agents or OTA buy their APIs from directly airlines. With individual API any business can reach their goal with a high profit. Thats the reason for buying airline APIs.

If you don’t understand the business module then you need an online travel booking portal consultant. Our consultant will describe the full business module and plan.

Before doing a flight portal you should look at how the admin panel and user panel:

Flight Supplier Admin Panel Details:

Flight User Backend:

Order Flight API

Order Online Flight Booking Portal Consultancy

I will describe the online flight booking system and its API’s functionality. Describe how an admin panel works with the functionality and its features. And help you to choose the travel APIs for your online flight booking portal.

After Consultancy Scope of work:

  • We will set up OTA Software on your domain.
  • APIs Active System or Upload Active System.
  • Responsive layout with 100% mobile compatibility.
  • Easy and User-Friendly UI.
  • B2C& B2B Modules Active.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Real-Time Availability, Booking & Cancellation.
  • Mark-up and Discount Management.
  • Balance Management System.
  • CRM data and Customer Management System.
  • Agent Management System.
  • Email & SMS Integration.
  • Accounts Management System.
  • Admin And Customer Dashboard.
  • Coupon code features.
  • Live Chat Integration.
  • AIT TAX & Convenience Fee Features.
When you order a Flight API; You can select one of the GDS APIs from Travelport | Sabre | Amadeus.
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