A global distribution system (GDS) is a computerized network system. Which is the most important travel inventory product for any travel agent. A PCC I’d & API is the most demandable product of GDS. A GDS is operated through the 3 major Legacy: Amadeus | Galileo | Sabre

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How does GDS operate?
GDS is operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies. The GDS mainly uses real-time inventory (e.g. number of hotel rooms available, number of flight seats available, or number of cars available) to service providers. A GDS can link services, rates, and bookings consolidating products and services across airline reservations and hotel reservations.
How GDS is used by a travel agent?
The Global Distribution System (GDS) is a primary reservation tool for travel agents. GDS is a network that enables travel agencies and their clients to access travel data, shop for and compare reservation options and book travel.
How much is a GDS system?
GDS System Prices depend on your partner’s provider. The percentage from a ticket is 7%, and GDS provides an incentive that depends on your sell volume. For the GDS system call our support and tell us what GDS do you need? We will set it up for you, and the login id and password charge is 145$. Click here to order.
Who uses GDS?
A global distribution system (GDS) links reservation inventory under one computer-based network. The most common uses for GDSs are in the tourism industry, mainly for airlines, hospitality companies, and travel agent companies. If you are interested in the travel business then you can use a global distribution system (GDS).
Why is GDS important in travel?
GDS is a network/platform that enables travel agencies and their clients to access travel data, shop for and compare reservation options, and book travel. GDS links all those services across the three primary travel reservation sectors (airline, hotel, and ground transportation), and activities. In fact, nowadays it’s important to connect its API with the online travel agent (OTA).
How much is a GDS system?
In short, a GDS functions as a middleman between a travel agent and a hotel’s (or airline’s) central reservation system. Travel agents can see real-time rates and inventory for a given hotel via the GDS, though the GDS doesn’t actually hold its own inventory. It’s simply a window into the hotel’s system, which shows available room types, rates, and restrictions. When a travel agent books a room, the GDS transfers the reservation information to the hotel’s system and removes that room from the hotel system’s inventory. The travel agent does not need to talk to anyone from the hotel, and the hotel’s reservations agents don’t need to enter any data manually. And today’s travel technology is more updated which connected by GDS – API. With an API the GDS system is connected to online travel agents (OTA) and business payment gateway. It’s an easier way to buy a traveling inventory through technology and solutions.
What are the Most Popular Global Distribution Systems?
The GDS industry has come a long way since the 60s; while Sabre is still a major player, several GDS companies operate today. The major global distribution systems for travel reservations include:
  • Amadeus is the world’s largest GDS, accounting for about 40% of GDS transactions, and it’s especially popular in Europe. Though many of these reservations are for airfare, it’s still a powerful tool for hotels, with over 600,000 hotels connected. website: www.amadeus.com.bd
  • Sabre is the second-largest GDS, accounting for about 35% of travel agency bookings. Around 175,000 hotels are connected to Sabre, but its portfolio in North America is larger than its competitors. website: www.sabre.com.bd
  • Travelport GDS  owns systems called Galileo, Worldspan, and Apollo. 25% of travel agencies use this system worldwide. But at Bangladesh Travelport are the most popular GDS system. website: www.travelport.com.bd

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What is GDS PCC? 

Pseudo-City Code (PCC) Identifier that distinguishes one travel agency location from another and can also be referred to as a Subscriber ID. A Pseudo-city code (PCC) is usually a three to five character code (alpha, numeric, or combination) depending upon the GDS.

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How does GDS PCC work with API?

First, you have to choose a well-known travel company that has IATA, Then you may deal with that company for using its global distribution system (GDS) PCC. If they allow you to use a GDS system and provide you a PCC then you can book through by that PCC. From that PCC you can buy Travelport or Sabre or Amadeus API and can connect the API to your websites. Normally GDS companies (Travelport or Sabre or Amadeus) charge around 2000$ for an API. And we Charge 145$ for a PCC, If you order a PCC with API then we charge only 1850$. For details, you may email us: www.zoo.family@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +8801978569299

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GDS serves as direct sellers of the Air Fares travel agents get into an agreement with the GDS and get access to a list of fares that he/she can again sell to the customers. So getting access to the GDS would allow you to serve first-hand Air tickets and you can draw more profits out of them as compared to purchase tickets from travel agencies and resell them. 

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  • Airlines Reservation using GDS
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  • Basic Lesson on IATA Geography
  • Visa Application Process
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  • Selling Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
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