What is zooFamily?

Community of Aviation and Travel Industries

“zooFamily” is a community of aviation and travel industries that working with the global B2B travel marketplace. In the travel business, there are two-part. One is “Travel Inventory” which means travel products and another is “Travel Technology” which means web-based application, API, white-label, scraping, XML solution and strategy. With our proper “workshop – information – services and technology, you not only develop your travel business but also you can reach the global marketplace! The community organizers have more than 10 years of work experience with the travel inventory and technology business. With our travel community, a person can develop his/her career in the aviation and travel industries. Though our organizers are few travel agents and “zooIT” information technology company. But “zooFamily Travel Community” is a NON-Profitable B2B travel business module. As a travel community, we influence travel which is a desire for life, and we are working with the aviation and travel industry to make the travel business easier. Our assistance provides all kinds of travel business solutions to reach the global B2B travel marketplace. Travel-Agents, Airlines, and Hotels are part of our travel community, and our community umbrella is a shade of unity, technology, information, and services. Our training and workshop create value to develop your travel business and career. We provide FREE Flights, Hotels, Holidays API with implementing services for our travel community members, and another side we support hotels to run their business with “Free Online Hotel Advertising.” Our company “Airways Office, Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd, and zooIT (Information Technology company) support the financial activities of the “zooFamily Travel Community”. Our profession is our passion! Click here to join the free membership program.

History of zooFamily Travel Community

Prior to founding zooFamily, Luthfe Ali worked at Travel Zoo Bangladesh Ltd. (Managing Director), Airways Office (CEO), zooIT (Proprietor). He runs two formal travel agency operation to earn maximum profit from the airline industry.

But in 2019, The pandemic devastated the global aviation sector also Bangladesh. COVID- 19 (Corona – Virus) impact on travel industries and many airlines, hotels, travel agent owner has to close the business. The traveller did not travel anywhere for more than one year and many people leave their job from the travel industry. Who has ever thought that we would ever see the entire travel industry not operating, Airlines, hotels, and resorts business. In this situation, there was an organization build for travel industries development and its name “zooFamily”, which is a community of aviation and travel industry. zooFamily not only supports travel inventory but also provide technical support to travel suppliers. We believe the travel business is a combination of travel inventory & technology. Where the travel supplier provider inventory support and travel technology team support to the travel supplier with travel technology, like – API, White label, XML solutions etc.

Walk together with all the travel industries people and influence travellers are our one of the core ambitions of zooFamily Travel Community. Most of the small travel agent can’t effort –OTA (online travel agent) implementation due to huge cost and didn’t get proper guidelines about travel technology. From 2018 to 2019 there are many travel agent’s who lost a huge amount in the Indian travel technology market to build there OTA. Our team met with many travel agents who faced those worst experience in travel technology markets. To support them with an ethical team we also build a travel technology company. With those combinations of work, we protect the travel industry people in Bangladesh. Now zooFamily working with global B2B travel place which has two-part – one is travel Inventory and other is travel technology. We build this community to support the travel inventory and technical part for travel industries people in Bangladesh. We establishing a digital travel technology and trying to reach the 3rd generation travel industry from Bangladesh. Which is a blessing for the travel industry Bangladesh and reach our resource to the global travel industry. To achieve our desire we build two travel business company by name Airways Office and Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd, both are a member of IATA. And as well we build a travel technology company called by zooIT (information technology), which is a member of BASIS. With all resource, we submitted our profile to Social welfare Organization Bangladesh. It is our big step to change the travel industry Bangladesh. Our training and workshop create value to develop the travel industry Bangladesh. As well we are blessed for the travel industry Bangladesh.

Who Join with zooFamily & Why?

“zooFamily Travel Community” is a non-political, non-profit and developmental social and service organization. Airlines, Travel Agents, Hotels, And A Traveller can join with the “zooFamily Travel Community”. Which is a community of aviation, and travel industries Bangladesh. We believe in passion, so a traveller can join with our community as well. To know more stay connected with our community which are licensed from the government of social welfare Bangladesh. Which will provides you with proper information with the daily updates and lots of benefits for aviation and travel industries people.


To develop the travel industry of Bangladesh, we represent the travel suppliers, Hotels, Airlines in global B2B travel market places. Our mission to ensure the proper utilization of our member‘s inventory and provides them with technical support to reach globally. With our travel community, a person can develop his/her career in the aviation and travel industry.


We believe the travel business is a combination of various suppliers like; travel agentshotels, and airlines. As the leading travel community, zooFamily works for the sustainable development of the tourism industry and its members. So our organizers are a member of IATA, BASIS, Civil-Aviation Bangladesh and with all access, we “zooFamily Travel community” have taken the permission from The Ministry of Social Welfare (MoSW) to make a travel community for the development of aviation and travel industry Bangladesh.

Objectives & Goal

Our objective to develop the aviation and travel industry with proper training, workshop and services in Bangladesh. We maintain a good relationship with local and international travel supplier to serve the highest benefits and facilities for our members. We establish mutual contact, friendship and sympathy among the members of the organization. Our goal is to make unity and strong technical support for the aviation and travel industry Bangladesh. To build the “zooFamily Travel Community” as an advanced appropriate authority that will facilitate the tourism industry of Bangladesh through modern travel technology. From Bangladesh, our goal to Contribute to human resource development in the global tourism industry.


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Web: www.airwaysoffice.com | www.zooholiday.com |www.zooinfotech.com www.travelnews.com.bd | www.zoo.family

About Our Projects :

In Travel Business there are two-part. One is “Inventory” which means products and the other is “Technology”. We working with both part as a travel community. We sell the service of “Hotels, Travel Agents and Airlines”, in the hand we highly appreciate working with our projects. Here are our project details:


We are not only working with Digital Markets, SEO, Blog writing, and Guest posts but also we develop online Business Platforms for “Travel Agents, Airlines, and Hotels. We sell the service of “Hotels, Travel Agents and Airlines” on other-hand we support in aviation trade & travel industry as a technology firm. We leading the Digital Markets, which is a process of using “virtual technology” including Social Media, PPC, SEM, SEO, Reviews & Backlinks, Content marketing & Guest Post, Affiliate Marketing, Email and extra. Our passion is our profession! So that we working with Travel Technology and Digital Markets.



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Bangladesh is south Asia’s greenest jewel and a country braided with rivers, with a rich culture waiting to be explored by pioneering travellers. Travel News Bangladesh is the most popular “Bangla Travel Blog” in Bangladeshi history. We represent not Bangladesh but also our blog publish all kinds of travel news by “Bangla Writing”.

This Blog helps local people to know about our country and the travel industry. We always publish news and article which creates value for our readers. “Travel News Bangladesh” creates a vital role to represent our country and nations by Bangla language. Our “Bangla Travel Blog” Represents All Kind Of Travel News Bangladesh.


Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd.’s official website is www.zooholiday.com and we provide the best prices for Worldwide Air ticket, Hotel Booking, Holiday Packages, and Worldwide Tourist Visa Assistance facilities from Bangladesh. We always provide travel information and services via phone and social media and Email. We ensure to provide better services in a short time frame, which makes a difference to other travel agents. That’s why we are the Top Travel Agent in the Bangladesh market, which has over 160 sub travel agents and a lot of corporate. Our “corporate deal with various airlines” is very famous in the Bangladeshi travel industry, that’s why Travel agents to corporate choose us. We Working with Travel Inventory who supports “Corporates to SUB-Agents”.


“zooFamily” is a community of Aviation and Travel Industries which working with the Global B2B Travel marketplace. In Travel Business there are two-part; One is “Travel Inventory” which means Travel products and the other is “Travel Technology” which is working with a website, API, payment gateway and strategy. With our proper “workshop – Information – Services And Technolgy you can develop your travel business in the global marketplace. The community members have more than 8 years of experience working with travel inventory and technology business. With our community, a person can develop his/her career in the aviation and travel industry. Though our organizers are few travel agents and zooIT Information Technolgy companies, “zooFamily” is NON-Profitable B2B Travel Business Module. Our company “Airways Office, Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd, Travel News Bangladesh and zooIT Information Technology company support the financial activities of the “zooFamily”. Our profession is our passion! Click here to join the membership program.