How to pay for Services?

You may buy our service through cash payments, mobile banking, online banking, card payments, or bank deposits. We accept almost all bank cards (EMI or loan facilities available for 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 18  – 24 months). Which means “buy a service now” and pay later. Your service payment is deductible if any processing fee is not included—usually bank pos and bKash charge a 2% processing fee. You will receive an electronic receipt via e-mail after the transaction is completed, depending on your payment terms.

Travel Now, Pay Later:  Online EMI


EMI Means

EMI stands for equated monthly installment. It relates to payments made regularly to repay an outstanding loan within a certain time frame. As the name implies, these installments are always of the same amount.

EMI Per Month Means

EMI, which stands for equated monthly installment, is the monthly amount of payments we make towards a loan we opted for. “EMI payments include contributions towards both principal and interest on the loan amount.

Book Your Travel On EMI 

Feel the thrill and excitement of travel! Plan your next trip to your dream destination! However, if you are concerned about your financial strain, don’t worry! zooFamily Travel Agents Community & its organizers Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd., Airways Office, zooIT  (EMI-Supported Travel Agency in Bangladesh) has the solution to make your travel budget-friendly and ease your financial strain. Finance your entire trip in affordable monthly installments. Discover new places with your credit card easier than ever before!

Download EMI Chart

Terms and Conditions

You can avail EMI facility if you have a credit card from any of our EMI-supported banks only. The minimum and maximum purchase limits with EMI will be depending on your Bank’s EMI and credit card policy. You must strictly follow those policies during your EMI period. Your bank will charge you the first installment immediately after the billing of your purchase.


International clients can pay us with this 6 payment gateway: Remitly, Westernunion, SSL payment Gateway, Xoom by PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin. Here is a screenshot of money sending, You can send money to your APPS to our mobile banking payment gateway or bank accounts.


Our Bangladeshi Bank Account

Bank Asia

A/C Name :- Airways office

A/C No : 02133002195

Dhanmondi Branch

Routing no : 070261187

Swift code: BALBBDDH021

City bank

A/C Name :- Airways Office

A/C No : 1223738554001

New Market Brach

Routing no : 225263527

swift code: CIBLBDDH


A/C Name :- Airways Office

A/C No :- 1301000104632

Branch :- Dhanmondi Branch


Routing Number :- 145261188


A/C Name :- Airways Office

A/C No :- 1061350000266

Branch :- Dhanmondi


Routing Number :- 095261188


A/C Name :- Airways Office

A/C No :- 1101100029484

Branch:- Mirpur Road


Routing Number:- 090261183

Brac Bank

A/C Name:- Airways Office

A/C No.:- 1547205082369001

Branch :- Dhanmondi Branch


Routing Number:- 60261205

Islami Bank

A/C Name :- Airways office

A/C No : 20507270100008516

Branch : Mirpur Road

Routing no: 125263522

Swift code: IBBLBDDH129


A/C Name :- Airways office

A/C No : 0114-0210001945

Mirpur Road

Routing no: 160270570

Swift code: NCCLBDDH


A/C Name :- Airways Office

A/C No :- 0059-0210009230

Branch:- Raipur Branch


Routing Number:- 160510977


A/C Name :- zooFamily

A/C No : 011133300001724

Dhanmondi Branch

Routing no : 260261184


Bkash & Nagad Mobile Banking

A/C Name:- Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd.

A/C No.:- +8801618181313

Note: *1.6% Charge Applicable*

Our Global Bank Account

Remitly, Westernunion


International client can pay us by Remitly, Westernunion