We have 3 options to work with us!

  • Employee:

The company wants employees without burden, Work as an employee is very challenging with us! Without experience in travel inventory and technology, it’s hard to choose an employee for us. Company job circular required for a specific job. We always looking for extraordinary & qualified job seekers. So you can email for the job with a CV at our email address myofficeduty@gmail.com; If we require that we call an interview to hire an employee. The most demanding employee positions for our company are:

  1. Developer Department
  2. Accountant Department
  3. Digital Marketing Department
  4. Visa Department
  5. Reservation / Ticketing Department
  • Affiliate partner:

An affiliate partner is an individual (often a blogger, influencer, or content creator) or business that partners with your company to promote your brand, product, or service. In return, the partner earns a commission from any successful conversions due to their efforts. For the career profile creation, we will charge 3000 BDT to make your business card, salary account, office ID card, and credit card application. After that, we treat you as an affiliate partner: where we have a dedicated team for your career profile; who will maintain your salary and income module. Be our Affiliate Partner, and make your career Profile with us. We will give you passive income and the opportunity to travel around the world. For details click here and learn about our affiliate partner.

Make Affiliate Partnerships & Create Your Career Profile With Us:

Make your career profile with us! Be our affiliate partner and earn money. By this step, you can create your career profile in the travel industry in Bangladesh. Which will help you:

  1. We will give you a career profile; which help you to get any country’s visa and bank credit cards. For the career profile creation, we will charge 30$ | 3000 BDT to make your business card, salary account, office ID card, and credit card apply formalities we charge this amount.
  2. After a career profile creation, we will treat you as a virtual affiliate partner, where we will help you earn money with our B2B business module!
  3. We will give you a B2B flight & hotel booking ID; there you get a B2B price. You can make money with your B2B account; simply you need to work as a travel agent.
  4. Every month our credit card department will utilize your credit card balance and they will pay you a certain income to utilize your credit card balance. This strategy you going to love because everyone loves passive income.
  5. From the whole partnership strategy you not only earn money but also get a profile; which will help you make a bright feature. Click here to make the partnership.

Compensation & Benefits:

The company will treat you as an employee and you will join us as an affiliate partner. We will work together as a commission based. And we will make your career profile to earn money with us! By following 4 simple steps will help you to make your career with us:

  • Join us as an affiliate partner and share yourself as our valuable partner.
  • Make your affiliate career profile and enjoy up to 10 lacs credit card.
  • Enjoy our B2B travel partner ID.
  •  50% profit share from all kinds of transactional activities.
  • Every month fixed passive income opportunities.
  •  Every year enjoy a free tour with us!

Required papers:

  1. passport size photo
  2. NID And Passport
  3. Salary Bank Account with us!

Terms & Conditions:

1. You will draw a monthly salary as per company rules.
2. Colabrotae with our project assitant.
3. For your profit-making; you have to concern about your duties.
4. Our main concern is to make the highest profit together; that’s the reason we investing our time in you.
5. Our full project is connected with financial turnover and B2B portal ID. We will not only help you financially but also our activities will help you to make a solid career profile. And with this profile, you can get any country’s visa as well.

After signing from both parties you need to be concerned about your profile creations and sales. As we described we are concerned about money-making, and we appointed you to touch the highest profit together. Remember that you need to promote yourself; we are a platform to guide you.

  • Co-worker:

Co-worker means someone you work with a similar job or level of responsibility, and shares space and costs as a part of work with a partnership. Join the hustle of a thriving community at Coworker. Whether you’re an independent professional or part of a large team, our dynamic workspace is the perfect place to call your own. With endless opportunities, Coworker is more than just a space – where a person will get more opportunities from the same industry. So come on in, grow your network, and become a Coworker with zooFamily! The limitation of workspace is limited on an area basis, so we can not offer anyone without a business plan. Our travel business team and expertise will help you not only learn but also to do business. Our main goal is to make you a business partner and lead the travel industry together. If you have good communications and basic digital marketing skills then our co-worker platform is a perfect spot for you.

To join our Travel Business co-worker team, you have to maintain our Terms and Conditions:
  1. You have to be a co-worker in the aviation and travel industry, with a same category business person are allowed to work as our co-workers. And with our agreement signed, you can join our co-worker workshop.
  2. For our office desk and platform use, you have to give us 5000 BDT per co-worker monthly basis. This payment includes desk rent, office management costs, technical support, and accounts support costs.
  3. The place service charge, electricity bill, internet bill, peon bill, and food bill are sharing a basis as per co-worker’s team members. We will provide a co-worker with not only a desk or space but also devices, systems, IDs, phones, and clients.
  4. All co-worker has the right to use our platform assets such as an authorized Airlines ID, IATA, GDS ID, NDC ID, B2B ID, and meeting rooms.
  5. You have to sales of your travel service under one brand value. The cost of the account, technical team, and management will be borne by the zooFamily, not by the co-worker.
  6. A co-worker has the right to use any 3rd parties inventories or platform and zooFamily has the right to take their office property from co-workers. But all invoices are supposed to come from zooFamily brand value, without our brand invoice co-workers are not allowed to make a deal with clients. Because it is the security assurance under our brand value clients receiving a service, if anything arises between clients then zooFamily can resolve the issues.
  7. If you join our co-worker workshop, you are joining our team as well, so both parties have to be concerned equally about business terms and conditions, privacy policy, and security. And by accepting everything the co-worker joined our workshop.
  8. A co-worker can use our Google Maps, Facebook Page, Websites, Blogs, Office Team, and equipment. If any issues arise between co-worker & ZooFamily, then zooFamily has the right to make any decision to maintain their property and business.

We are looking for a Travel Agent’s co-worker, who is passionate about the travel business. You have to manage aviation and tourism-related services. Travel industry packages included flights, hotels, visas, and tour solutions and business. The goal is to keep our clients satisfied and loyal for future services. We will share our Websites, Phone Numbers, Google Maps, and Facebook Page for better service and outcomes.

Our Product Partners & Opportunity:

We will share the profit and loss as 50:50 percent, and we will accept you as a co-worker partner under our brand. Only you need to download our agreement and sign the agreement. 1 month’s advance payment is required for the agreement to be signed.

The facility of our co-workers:

  1. FREE GDS ID, B2B ID, IATA ID, NDC ID, and Corporate ID.
  2. FREE Classroom joins & training.
  3. FREE Devices and Meeting room access.
  4. 50% profit share from flight, hotel, tour, visa, training, and OTA solution.
  5. 24/7 B2B Service assistants provide any travel and tourism services.
  6. Dedicated accounts maintenance support, including invoice, sales, profit, and loss maintenance and operations.
  7. Dedicated technical team and support for the business operations.
  8. The dedicated management and marketing team is ready to support every co-worker’s work and outcomes, which helps a co-worker’s income.

Partnership with us! | Let’s earn together!

The travel business has changed a lot in recent times. Travel agencies no longer just inform the customer about the availability of the flights, and their schedule, issue the ticket, and get a commission from the airline. Now with online travel agency software (OTA), customers can book the travel service. Nowadays most travel agents follow the OTA model. So we collected all inventory and API from the airlines, GDS, and travel agents. And we provide travel business solutions as per your business module.


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