Travel API is connected to access the travel inventory from GDS, third party flight APIs, hotel APIs, travel agencies APIs to access the travel deals from online.
What is Travel APIs? 
In layman’s terms, an API permits you to incorporate outsider GDS/Wholesaler stock/takes care of into the booking motor on your site. So when a client makes a hunt to book a flight or an inn on your site, they won’t be diverted to another site and the installment will be gathered by you.
Advantages of Travel APIs 
You can include markups for your specialists/end-clients· It is you who will get the installment legitimately from clients· Provide profoundly unique data came back from the XML pages· Less upkeep of substance that will permit you to concentrate on your center errands like promoting and making bundles· Reduce Travel offices overhead cost on a more drawn out term, The following are the means engaged with API Integration:
  • Supplier Selection
  • Signing the Contract and API Documentation
  • Assessment of the API archive and Development
  • Certification, Integration, and Post Integration
  • Markup options as per user and Airlines