Probashi kallyan Bangladesh

probashi kallyan Bangladesh

The Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment is a ministry of the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It provided information, partnerships, and facilitations for all matters related to overseas Bangladeshis and overseas employment.


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প্রবাসী কল্যাণ ব্যাংক প্রবাসীদের লোন দিবে ১০ লাখ টাকা | Probashi Bank Loan in Bangladesh – 2021

Probashi Kallyan Bank (PKB) is set to provide loans to general clients by this month with a view to expanding its service as a scheduled bank. Officials said one can take out a loan of the highest Tk 2.0 million for 10 years. The interest rate will be 9.0 percent for males and 7.0 percent for females. The specialized bank started its journey as a scheduled bank in 2018 to carry out general banking activities. As part of its services, PKB will offer loans to the general people, officials mentioned. Earlier, it also launched a remittance business, using Bangladesh Krishi Bank’s overseas network to fulfill its objectives. Currently, PKB runs 72 branches across the country. The bank was established in 2011 with a capital of Tk 1.0 billion aiming to provide loans to overseas job seekers for migration and rehabilitation of returning workers. When asked, an official at PKB said registered mortgage is mandatory while other general conditions of PKB loan will be applicable for clients. He also said they are facing some challenges in operating general loan services for the clients at this moment. The bank has no necessary software to disburse loans among general clients. So, loan services will be primarily operated by existing software. The software will reach within three or four months. Besides, the bank has no mid-level officials. So, it will create difficulties in providing smooth services to the people. A process is underway to appoint manpower, he added. So far PKB has launched various funds including a special scheme for Covid-19 impacted migrant workers. It gives a maximum Tk 200,000 as a migration loan to outbound workers at an interest rate of 9.0 percent. According to the PKB statistics, it disbursed different loan products worth about Tk 560 million among 2,848 migrant workers and overseas job seekers as of February 2 of the current fiscal year (2020-21).

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