Sajek, The Most Beautiful Tourist Spot of Bangladesh

History of SAJEK

Sajek is one of the most popular tourist spots. Which is located at the north of Chittagong Hill Tracts under BAGHAICHARI upozila of RANGMATI district. From KHAGRACHARI it takes 67 km towards north-east and from RANGAMATI city it is 95km towards. The international boundary with India has situated there about 8 km towards the east (Mizoram). It is a natural beauty of Chittagong Hill Tracks. The beauty of Sajek is awesome. It is the attraction of visitors and tourists from home and abroad. All-important political persons, tourist has visited sajek and they all attracted by the beauty of sajek.

The attractive places of Sajek:

The attraction place of sajek are the mountains surrounded by the can be called the city of clouds. Sajek has three types of nature sometimes it is very hot, become wet during the time of rain. And in winter white soft clouds surrounded by the town. Sajek is the right place if you like hills and mountains and want to lose among soft clouds.

Konglak hill is a major attraction for tourists who are visiting Sajek. Konglak inhabited by lusai community. From the Konglak Hills, you can watch the beauty of Karnafuli river. you can enjoy the Kamalak fountain. This beautiful fountain is also known to many people as Padaam Toisha Jharna or Sikam Toisha Jharna.


Perfect Time To Visit Sajek Valley:

Sajek is beautiful in every season No matter when you visit.It has its own way of beauty according to its u can go there in every season. In winter and summer, you will find sajek so colorful. but if u want to experience the soft clouds closely so it’s better to pay a visit there in autumn or late autumn.

How To Go To Sajek:

Sajek situated in the Rangamati district but it’s very easy to get there from Dhaka. If u travel by Dighinalala then first u will reach khagrachori

Though Sajek is located in the Rangamati district, it is much easier to travel with Dighinalala. So first you have to come to Khagrachari. If you want to go to Khagrachari from Dhaka, you can go by Saudia Paribahan, Shyamoli, Shanti Paribahan, S. Alam, Eagle, etc on the bus. It will cost you nearly BDT 520 in the Non-AC bus. If you like to go to the AC bus you will find BRTC or Saint Martin Paribahan with BDT 700 to 900. Besides, the Shanti Paribahan goes directly to Dighinala and it takes only BDT 580. There are counters of these buses at various points of the city including Gabtali, Kalabagan in Dhaka. If you want to go on holiday, it may be difficult to get a ticket if you don’t buy the ticket before so it will be wise to buy a ticket earlier.

Tips for Traveling Sajek:

  • You should book your rooms, hotels, car, etc.
  • There is no electricity in Sajek. So keep , Solar Charging, takes longer to charge and is not easily available. Good options to keep Power Bank with you.
  • there are only available mobile networks including Robi, Airtel, and Teletalk networks.
  • You don’t need to take any guide there
  • Take permission for indigenous photographs. Do not take pictures without permission.
  • Indigenous people are very simple and honest. Always respect their lifestyle, belief, and culture.
  • There are security camps in some places on the way of Sajek. They need some information about travelers. Cooperate for your safety. Keep a copy of your national identity card.
  • If you want to stay more than two or three days, instead of keeping the car with you, just fix the car to go. Come back with another vehicle or return to Dighinala by renting another car.
  • It is a remote place and hilly areas, so keep necessary items and emergency medicine with you. Do throw any chips, packets or waste anywhere of the hilly areas, keep it in the right place. This is our pride, so we have to keep neat and clean.

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