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Amadeus is a leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry. Our solutions cover sales, marketing, operations & business management to improve the travel & traveler experience. With decades of revolutionary firsts, our team of experts drives innovation and ingenuity across the travel ecosystem. Amadeus partners with airlines, hoteliers, agencies, and other travel partners to retail, distribute and fulfill travel. Our technology is the intelligence behind mobile apps, airport check-in kiosks, online travel sites, airline and hotel reservation networks, travel agent terminals, and scores of other travel solutions. Positioned at the center of the travel ecosystem, our platform enables our customers to connect people with experiences that matter in their lives.


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zooFamily provides Amadeus travel agency products | Amadeus API | Amadeus ID | Amadeus PCC, Amadeus Travel Booking System, tour operators, and travel management companies worldwide. All kinds of travel API, ID, PPC implementation support are provided by Zoo Travel Technology, Which is an authorized technical team of Amadeus, Travelport, and Amadeus. Airways Office, Travelzoo BD Ltd, GDS, Airlines, Hotels, and Zoo Travel Technology supports zooFamily to to build this OTA software.

Amadeus Top 10 Products details for Travel Agencies:

1. Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS):

Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution is a fully automated solution to manage pricing, comparison and ticketing in the remote points of sales to ease relationship between non-IATA locations making the bookings (Subagents) and IATA travel agencies in charge of fulfilment activities (Consolidators/Fulfillers).

Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS)

2. Amadeus Auto-HX Cleaner:

Amadeus Auto-HX Cleaner is an application that facilitates automatic removal of cancelled segments (HX) with an aim to reduce ADM charges. The application processes PNRs from the defined Input Queues for each Office IDs with specified range of categories and dates. It removes the configured segments at the defined schedule time. This solution facilitates automatic removal of configured segments (HX status.) with an aim to reduce the ADM charges from airlines.

Amadeus Auto-HX Cleaner


3. Amadeus Margin Manager: 

Amadeus Margin Manager is the powerful, integrated point of sales tool that calculates, displays and stores the total sales price (fares, service fees, mark-ups and discounts) throughout the booking flow. It is compatible with any Amadeus front office, maximizing revenues and increasing travel agency efficiency.

Amadeus Margin Manager


4. Amadeus Interface Record:

Automate the transfer of fare and booking data in real time between Amadeus and external systems. With Amadeus Interface Record, you’ll always have access to a structured record of data that can be sent to any agency computer system.

Amadeus Interface Record


5. Amadeus Web Services:

Amadeus Web Services offers a cost-effective way to build and update your own customized travel booking applications. Plus, with easy implementation and integration with your existing systems, you’ll always be at the cutting-edge of technology.

Amadeus Web Services


6. Amadeus Mobile Messenger (AMM):

Use a one-way message to inform travelers via SMS, smartphone, or email, or use a two-way feedback messaging system to communicate with them. Locate business travelers on request with the GPS functionality on their smartphone and keep a log of communication history.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger (AMM)


7. Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD):

Acquire a complete EMD solution, fully compliant with the latest industry mandates and signed-off by IATA, enabling you to issue documents for travel related services, including unbundled airline services. Take advantage of a single, standard method to issue all travel related services, replacing the existing automated MCO, Amadeus virtual MCO and IATA virtual MPD.

Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)


8. Amadeus UETTR:

Enhance the way you manage unused tickets and improve your customer service with detailed UETTR reports. The Unused Electronic Ticketing and Reporting (UETTR) offers a way to obtain a report that will contain all of the unused tickets at the time of request for the customer.

Amadeus UETTR


9. Amadeus Dynamic Travel Document (ADTD):

Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents (ADTD) is a suite of documents that captures the total trip information of a traveler, be it on flights, car, hotel, ground transportation or rail, in a single document. Available in more than 31 languages, the suite also provides wide customization possibilities.

Amadeus Dynamic Travel Document (ADTD)


10. Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC):

Reduces operational costs and improves efficiencies by automating airline ticket reissues. Grow your revenue, reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction with Amadeus Ticket Changer, the solution that enables you to service your customer’s

Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC)


11. Amadeus Best Pricer:

Amadeus Best Pricer assists you in getting the lowest applicable and available fare (both Publish and Negotiated Fares) for the flights booked in a PNR. By eliminating the need for fare display and availability manual searches, it’s provide the best fares in one easy step.

Amadeus Best Pricer

12. New Distribution Capability (NDC):

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is just one, yet critical, enabler in the larger vision of enhanced travel retailing. Travel sellers can cancel or change flights that have been booked via an NDC connectivity.

New Distribution Capability (NDC)

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