Online Hotel Advertisement | Hotel listing at online booking platform

Online Hotel Advertisement | Hotel listing at online booking platform

“zooFamily” has 8 years of experience advertising a hotel online. “zooFamily” who working with Travel Technology and Inventory with “zoo Info Tech” and “Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd”.Our company  Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd” and  “zoo Info-Tech” support the financial activities of the  “zooFamily”. zoo Info Tech is an online hotel advertising I.T. firm that works as a partner with :


What is Hotel Advertisement?

Hotel advertising is the name given to a collection of different marketing techniques, which are used to promote a hotel and its services. Ultimately, the main purpose of hotel advertising is “get more booking” and promote the business globally. Online Hotel Advertisement | Hotel listing at an online booking platform is a process to promote your hotel to global marketing.

How can I advertise my hotel?

It is crucial to understand that hotel advertising is a diverse field, which includes a range of different techniques and disciplines. Hotels need to be creative with their marketing in order to stand out, especially boutique establishments. It’s not enough to be listed on travel sites anymore—you need a polished website, positive online reviews, high-quality content, and more. So our suggestion is to hire a hotel advertisement agent like zoo Info Tech.

We Have Five Effective Ways To Promote A Hotel:

  1. Make a website, where people can make instant bookings with payments.
  2. Find an online hotel advertisement agent, who can advertise your hotel on an online hotel booking platform. With this service,  you get bookings through 3rd party hotel booking websites. (example:,,,, , ,, )
  3. Use a hotel SEO strategy to gain high visibility. (List your hotel with our SEO optimize agents, because it will rank you in google)
  4. Write some effective “Guest Post” with your hotel booking link, It will help you get more bookings.
  5. Always Ask Your Guests for a Review, Everyone before booking have a look at reviews.

 Build  Communication Between: “Your Hotel & Online Booking Platform”

As an I.T. firm, we build communication between “Hotels & online booking platform”.And the most attractive part is: Initially, we do not charge for online hotel advertisements. But after 1st booking into the advertising panel, we will send you a bill for each platform advertisement or listing charge 30$. From your room booking room rate, you may pay us the listing charge. This means we are charging your hotel after the service provides.

 Click Here To Get “zoo Info-Tech” Online Hotel Advertisement Proposal 

zoo Info Tech is an online hotel advertising company that works as a partner with,,,, , ,, and more. As a 3rd party, we build communication and development between Hotels & online booking platform. Initially, we do not charge for online hotel advertisement, but after 1st booking into the advertising panel, we deduct the listing charge 30$ for each platform. For details call or WhatsApp us: +8801978569298, email:

Click Here Download  “zoo Info-Tech” And “Hotel Agreement”

We will maintain all booking extranet with an agreement: your hotel will give us a “corporate deal”  and we will sell your room at a regular price on the online booking platform. As per season your hotel can update or change the room price. We are the company developing “Hotel Business” with an online booking platform. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

We represent your hotel in our International travel blog, which affects your sell globally and the most attractive part is the hotel “guest post” is free of cost which we publish without money. But you need to write unique content about your hotel.


After Download Agreement What Should Hotel Do?

The hotel Should Sign the agreement paper with the owner or management authority and send our email( The hotel Should capture all of the pictures of the rooms with interior and exterior space and the hotel need to upload it on their Google Drive. After that, the hotel will provide us that “Google Drive Folder Link ” via SMS or WhatsApp or Email. Here are Our Email and Phone no:, +8801978569295

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