NDC API Integration

Transforming the Future of the Airline Industry, at Etraviax, we are offering exceptional NDC API Integration services to the airline industry.

  • Transforming the Future of the Airline Industry
  • NDC API Integration Services for Airlines
  • The Next Generation Flight Reservation System is powered by IATA’s New Distribution Capacity (NDC) XML standard.

What is NDC API Integration?

NDC (New Distribution Capacity) is an XML standard developed by IATA to empower airlines to offer their passengers rich content and additional services like luggage, seat, and class selection. Rich content is the only key to staying ahead of the competition and building a unique brand image for airlines.

Collecting Passenger data through New Distribution Capability offers an excellent platform for exceptional pricing policy.

In the earlier data interchange process, GDSs followed the UN rules known as EDIFACT. Now, NDC is taking the place of the EDIFACT protocol. Since 1980 GDSs have been using EDIFACT, but now NDC is introducing new opportunities.

Modern protocol(NDC) implementing XML standards offers ample content and additional services to OTAs, GDSs, and destination management companies. XML standards are changeable, making NDC a dynamic tool.

XML is a basis for communication among airline passenger service systems, GDS, and NDC interfaces. Travel companies are in a position to get airline data in JSON format using REST APIs. One of the latest APIs manages the interchange of rich content.

Advantages of NDC API Integration

Customized Booking Experience and Dig a Way To Customer Information.

In the existing scenario, airlines get only basic details of passengers, and online travel agencies, GDSs, and tour operators control the rest. Not getting enough information prevents airlines from offering a customized booking experience to customers. It is because they do not know their customer best. NDC API Integration broke this scenario and offered more freedom to airlines.  NDC communication protocol aims to allow airlines direct access to their customer information.

Freedom to Decide on Travel content and Price Quotation

A customized shopping experience offers airlines a platform for flexible pricing for their customers. Airlines take support from the Airline Tariff Publishing Company(ATPCO) to decide their fare.

Third-party involvement is cutting down the profit and customized pricing opportunities for airlines. Here New Distribution Capability API Integration comes into the picture. It empowers airlines to quote customized prices and holiday packages using different passenger details.

By implementing modern XML standards, airlines are in a better position to create their separate APIs. Further, it allows them to update fares and generate special deals for individual customers based on their experience with an airline.

Platform to Offer Additional Services, Concessions, and Best Holiday Deals

Airlines follow EDIFACT(Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport) as a communication protocol. These protocols allow the transfer of documents and files between multiple nations and sectors. Although airlines accept those protocols, it prevents them from offering additional services like customized packages. Ultimately EDIFACT is doing no good for airlines as they are losing their share of the revenue.

Build a Competitive Edge by Creating USP

Existing GDS software restricts the freedom of airlines.  It allows airlines to reflect fares and schedules and no other value-added services. It enables travel agencies to take complete control over pricing, prevent airlines from offering rich content, and create a competitive edge. NDC API integration solves this concern for airlines. Now they have the freedom to do whatever they can to make their product unique and competitive.


Usually, airlines rely on Passenger Service Systems that reflect the booking details, prices, flight schedules, etc. PSS displays the availability of the seats, but it took time to accept updates. NDC API came as a more reliable system for airlines by which all their valuable services, fares, and schedules can directly reflect passengers. The travel booking experience becomes convenient and joyful for passengers.

It was first introduced in September 2015 and ensured a change in how airlines market their services. You can say that it is an update to the Passenger Service System. Further, it allows online travel agencies, destination management companies, and tour operators to get customized data via GDSs.

How One Can Use NDC API Integration for Distributing Airline Content?

Observing the current scenario of NDC API integration, one can use XML standards in different ways to supply airline content.

  • Airline NDC API
  • NDC Interface for IT service providers

Let us understand these in detail!

Airline’s NDC API

Small airlines are taking time to adopt NDC as they see it as a risk. On the contrary, Major airlines like Lufthansa, Air Canada, and British Airways created their NDC API solutions. All solutions have their way to use.  For instance:

At first, Lufthansa introduced the NDC API solution that established a direct distribution channel between airlines and their customers. In a short span, Lufthansa got a level 4 certification that proves its adoption of distribution via NDC.

Their distribution channels include:

  • Travel agencies
  • Distributors
  • Aggregators
  • Suppliers
  • Website Developers etc.

The scenario of airlines accepting New distribution capabilities is progressive. One can depict that sooner or later, airlines have to adopt the NDC API integration for better services. NDC is a blended communication for selling directly or via GDSs.

So with time, it will reduce the dominance of GDS in the travel sector. For details, you call or Whatsapp +8801978569299


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