B2B Travel Agent Loan With EBL Virtual Card

EASTERN BANK LIMITED, a banking company constituted under the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (Overseas) Limited (Reconstruction) Scheme, 1992 prepared by the Bangladesh Bank under Section 77 of the Bank Companies Act, 1991 and incorporated in Bangladesh with limited liability under the Companies Act, 1913, having its registered office at 100, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212, hereinafter referred to as the “Bank” or “EBL”. And another side Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. is a private limited company where you get this EBL virtual card. This product only for travel agents which represents by zooFamily.

Travel zoo Bangladesh introduces business to business payment solutions or portals through virtual credit cards that offer corporate clients and subagents the ease of sending and receiving payment electronically provided by the various payment card industry e.g. VISA, MasterCard, DCI, etc.


  • B2B PAYMENT SOLUTION/PORTAL: shall mean business to business payment solution or portal through the virtual credit card that offers corporate clients the ease of sending and receiving payments electronically provided by the various payment card industry e.g. VISA, MasterCard, DCI, etc. EBL is currently using the DCI B2B Payment Solution Module for this service.
  • CORPORATE CLIENT: Corporate Client(s) means companies with whom the Second Party maintains the business relationship/supply chain.
  • APPLICATION: Application shall mean Application Form to apply for B2B Payment Solution provided by EBL.
  • RCN: RCN means Real Card Number, i.e. after approval of the application, EBL will issue Real Card Number (RCN) with a maximum unsecured credit limit of BDT 10.00 (Ten) lac or maximum secured credit limit BDT 25.00 (Twenty Five lac) (subject to applicant’s financial strength analysis as per EBL credit policy). 
  • VCN: VCN Means Virtual Card Number, i.e., Corporate Client of Second Party shall generate virtual card number (VCN) against that RCN through DCI RCN online portal, each time they need to pay to Second Party.
  • PIN: Personal Identification Number.
  • POS: POS means Point of Sales. POS terminal may be provided to Second Party for payment realization. 
  • E-Com Payment Gateway means a mode of payment using online E-Commerce payment Gateway namely “EBL SKYPAY”. 
  • POWER CARD: Power Card means Cards related software of EBL.
  • SERVICE: shall mean B2B payment solution service.
  • FEES and CHARGES: shall mean Fees and charges mentioned in the Annexure-I and/or any other fee that is imposed by EBL from time to time with due notification including but not limited to mean and include the followings:
  1. Membership Fee: To be paid by the Corporate Client(s) of Second Party
  2. Interest and other fees and charges on the RCN: To be paid by the Corporate Client(s) of Second Party
  3. POS/E-Com Gateway Charges: To be paid by the Second Party against each transaction made through POS or EBL E-Com Payment Gateway.  


  • EBL agrees to approach and market the B2B Payment Solution to the Corporate Clients (as per the list provided by the Second Party) to enable them to avail the facility and make payments to the Second Party with ease. 
  • Upon request of the corporate client(s) interest to avail the B2B Payment Solution, EBL shall provide them “Application Form” for filling up with requisite information; and thereafter collect the said filled up Application Form along with all requisite documentation from the Corporate Clients of Second Party and assess the creditworthiness as per its internal procedures and shall approve, at its discretion, the credit limit accordingly on the basis of the assessment and its credit policy. 
  • EBL shall apply its own policies and credit analysis to determine the eligibility of the potential Corporate Clients of Second Party and the credit limit to be granted.
  • Upon approval of the Application by EBL, a real card impressed thereon an RCN with a maximum unsecured limit up to the tune of BDT 10, 00,000 (BDT Ten Lac) only or maximum secured limit up to the tune of BDT 25,00,000 (BDT Twenty Five Lac) only shall be offered to the Corporate Client(s) of the Second Party.
  • EBL shall provide the corporate Client(s) of the Second Party unique User ID and Password for access to B2B Payment solution with a view to make transaction instruction against service or product availed by the corporate client of the Second party.
  • EBL reserves the right to cancel, at its own discretion, the credit limit and demand the full unadjusted amount including interest to be accrued thereon or other charges payable by the Corporate Clients of the Second Party to in favor of EBL at any point of time vide email and another method as per our existing collection process, and the Second Party shall have no objection to such cancellation and shall provide all sort of assistance for the said adjustment.
  • EBL agrees to provide training to the Corporate Clients of the Second Party regarding B2B Payment Solution, its process, and operation without imposing any cost upon the corporate clients of the second party.
  • The Corporate Client shall log in to B2B Payment Solution with the unique User ID and Password and a VCN shall be generated by the portal against the RCN of the Corporate Client of the Second Party.
  •  The Corporate Client shall select the amount to be paid to the Second Party. This payment method is limited to making payments to the Second Party that shall be realized either through the POS terminal or E-Com payment gateway of EBL.
  • VCN generated for each transaction shall be shared with the Second Party by the Corporate Client and the Second Party shall realize the payments made through POS or E-Com payment gateway of EBL. Upon the authorization of EBL through POWER CARD, successful transactions shall be processed.
  • EBL may agree to reverse payments upon written confirmation from the Corporate Client and the Second Party communicated to EBL via hard copy request (or scan copy of hard copy request).
  • Fees and Charges applicable to the Second Party & Corporate Clients for consideration of the aforesaid services by EBL B2B Payment Solution are defined in detail in Annexure – I to this Agreement, which may be changed from time to time by mutual consent of both the Parties in writing.
  • The Fees and Charges shall be paid to EBL within a minimum of 15 days (fifteen days) or a maximum of 45 days (forty-five days) as mentioned in the statement from EBL. 
  • VAT, Tax and other payable to the government shall be applicable as per government rule introduced/imposed from time to time.

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“IPDC Finance Limited”, a financial institution incorporated in Bangladesh following the respective laws, having its Corporate Office at Hosna Center (4th Floor), 106 Gulshan Avenue, Police Station-Gulshan, in the city of Dhaka Metropolitan Area, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh; represented by its Head of Products & Marketing ISHTIAQUE SHAHRIAR; hereinafter referred to as “IPDC” or “Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd”.

Eligibility Criteria  

  1. Must be a salaried individual 
  2. Net income must be greater than BDT 20,000. Net income will be calculated according to the following formula: – 

Net income = Net salary after deductions – Existing monthly liability commitment  3. The maximum loan limit will three times the net income. 

Upload you Required documents: click here

  1. Copy of NID 
  2. Office ID/Visiting Card 
  3. Name bearing blank cheque 
  4. Salary certificate 
  5. Bank statement bearing the previous month’s salary reflection.  
  6. Copy of Reference NID  

*** Requirement of bank statement is waived for Government employees (Grade 1 – Grade 9).  Also, the bank statement is waived for the academician profile provided the name of the applicant is present on the official website of the academic institution.