Frequent Flyer Program

Join your favorite airline frequent flyer program, Our assistance will apply for you.

we are investing in technology to make travel more rewarding. You may not see it but you will feel it with the frequent flyer program.

If you travel with us you get two kinds of the point. One is our membership guest point and the other is airline mileage points. Both are important for travelers. We are working together with our member airlines to make earning and spending miles or points more exciting. Whether using them for a seat upgrade or having your miles or points updated the moment you step off the plane, you will feel the benefit. The points may expire if your account is inactive for a certain period (typically 18 months).

How do we work with all airline’s “Frequent Flyer Programs”?

With our membership, we collect your data (passport) and update your milage point for you. As well if you purchase an air ticket you get 2 bonus points to redeem. One is our membership guest point and the other is your airline frequent flyer programs, we synchronizing Airlines frequent flyer programs and points in our membership panel. So no more late, join today and save more with “zooFamily” which is a community of aviation and travel industry. We support you to fly more with the best benefits.

What is the meaning of frequent flyer number?

Frequent-flyer programs, or FFPs, are loyalty schemes run by airlines or airline alliances. … The frequent-flyer number (FFN) is simply the number that is used to monitor travelers and the number of points that they have accumulated over time. Travelers can then use that number to use their points when booking flights.

How do I join a frequent flyer program?

Joining a frequent flyer program is easy. Simply visit the website of the airline whose program you choose to join and look for links to its mileage program. There’s no charge to enroll. And no, you are not required to carry a credit card affiliated with the program.

How do frequent flyer programs work?

The frequent flyer program is an incentive program operated by an airline to reward customers for their continued loyalty. As a traveler, you earn free miles for the miles that you fly on a particular airline. The more frequently you fly with them, the greater your awards.

How do frequent flyer programs make money?

Frequent flyer programs generate revenue from selling points to third parties, and in order for this to be a profitable exercise, the program needs to generate enough interest from partners who see the benefits of the airline’s points to its own customers.

Earning frequent-flyer miles

Frequent-flyer mile programs took off more than 30 years ago, and a lot of changes have taken place since then. Earning frequent-flyer miles lands passengers a lot of travel perks, and this should, therefore, be something all travelers look into signing up for. Traveling with the same carrier is the surest way to earn a good amount of travel points. Travelers can earn points without having to fly. Besides flying, travelers can sign up for a credit card and use it to shop with program partners. If a traveler is not a frequent-flyer, then this is the best option to choose.

Focusing on one carrier rather than many is often the best strategy travelers can opt for if they want to gain flyer miles. It is better to have 50,000 points with one carrier instead of 10,000 with five carriers. Travelers should choose a carrier based on their location and the routes they expect to fly. It’s more useful for travelers to choose an airline that flies to the destinations they travel to often. Additionally, travelers should note that the points may expire if the flyer account is left inactive for a specified period. For most carriers, the period is 18 months.