10 Common Facts of Visa Refusal | Visa Refusal Reason

10 Common Facts of Visa Refusal | Visa Refusal Reason:

USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Schengen visas can be applied by anyone with a valid passport/travel document. But that doesn’t mean everyone who applies will get the visa approved.

A visitor visa is never guaranteed. However, you can become the strongest candidate by learning the refusal reasons and proper preparation to avoid them.

So, why are tourist visas rejected?

  1. Incomplete or Incorrect Documents; not following the visa guidelines.
  2. Unable to Show the Logical Purpose of the Vist.
  3. Failure to show No Strong Ties to the Home Country.
  4. Poor Communication Skills / Lack of Confide and Insufficient Information.
  5. Focusing/Disregarding the Invitation Letter.
  6. Previous Visa Violations records or Criminal History or Fraud or fake documents.
  7. Mistakes to form fill up or choose amateur visa assistant.
  8. Travel history and proper travel plan missing.
  9. Financial statement and proof of income strength.
  10. Lacking knowledge and without Assitant try to save money.

(Collected visa processing center zoofamily; Bangladesh)

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