“zooFamily” Travel Community stands on 5 pillars:

1. Take care of our members, those are our Family, and we influence travellers to achieve the travel desire. So we establish mutual contact, friendship, and sympathy among the members of the organization.
2. A Unity of travel business with Airlines, Hotels, Travel Agents, and travellers. Which Contributes to the development of the aviation and travel industry in Bangladesh.
3. With proper digital marketing, we promote Airlines, Hotels, Travel agent’s offers & promotions not only locally but also globally. Our information and services create value for Traveller, Airlines, Hotels, Travel Agents. As well, we provide travel technology support to the aviation and travel industry, which means web-based application, API, white-label, scraping, XML solution, and strategy.
4. As a NON-Profitable B2B travel business module we serve to the global B2B travel marketplace with Travel-Agents, Airlines, and Hotels. And our community umbrella is a shade of unity, technology, information, and services.
5. We take high sales targets from airlines, hotels, and travel suppliers, and Otherside we distribute it to our business members to earn extra incentives. Our Contribution helps to develop the aviation and travel industry in Bangladesh. And our training, workshops, and service make your travel business easier.

For Global standard maintain we have taken 2 IATA (International Air Transport Association) membership to supply the inventory, And another hand we are a member of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) to support travel technology. We believe the Travel business is a combination of travel inventory and technology. So we try our best to serve the best deal with the best price guarantee. “zooFamily” is a non-profitable B2B travel business module, which created a community with travellers, aviation, and travel industries. With our passion, we build this family as a profession! zooFamily is a NON-profitable travel community that always keeps you up to date with the latest aviation and travel offers with their projects. To know Our Service Benefits Click Here.