Payment Gateway Integration

We Integrate Payment Gateway For Your Agency Business

    With the increasing number of internet users, the number of online payment users is also increasing and people are loving the payment gateway system.

    Online payment gateways are time-saving, faster, and require much less effort than offline payments. Even though there are many online payment getaways in Bangladesh, you need to be careful while choosing the one you will be using. It should be safe, secure, and well-known in the market and from the best online payment gateway service provider.


    We are able to integrate any kinds of payment gateway for your OTA Portal or any website

    Do you want to develop your own payment gateway and become a payment service provider? Or maybe you have an innovative payment model (such as one based on QR code payments), and none of the available payment gateways meets your requirements.

    Developing a custom payment gateway is the logical solution in both cases, but it’s dangerous to embark on payment gateway development without knowing all the details that could make or break your project.

    With our system one payment gateway solution API implemented is completely free of cost. So we recommend giving one payment gateway API solution or using our default payment gateway solution.