Travel CRM Software

Enrich your sales and marketing operations with wholesome travel CRM solutions.

    Travel CRM Sales Management & Communication Capabilities:

    We provide automated full-cycle relationship management solutions for different types of travel companies: travel agencies, outgoing tour operators, DMCs, etc. Travel CRM by zooFamily provides:

    • Complete breakdown on your customer and partner relationships
    • Support of different customer profile types (end customer, agent, tour operator);
    • Centralized storage of all customer and partner data
    • Functionality to build marketing, sales and customer support teams
    • Lead and prospect management tools
    • Built-in customer communication tools (online chat, individual and mass emails)
    • Integration with zooFamily online booking engine
    • Performance analytics

    Customer Profiling and Classification

    The core travel CRM functionality allows to create a single point of reference with full data on every partner and customer account to help your sales and marketing activities:

    • Define account priorities (low / normal / high)
    • Highlight VIP and high-value accounts
    • Differentiate between opportunities and actual customers
    • Identify industry, company size and other account sorting parameters

    Customer and Partner Communication

    From the first request or email to post-purchase activity, Extended CRM helps to store communication and diverse activities performed on each customer as part of your marketing, sales and account management efforts.

    • Record outgoing calls and meetings
    • Set up upcoming event alerts from CRM home page
    • Schedule and send personalized individual and emails
    • Track the entire communication history by client, opportunity or booking

    Sales Funnel Visibility

    We enable you to track your customer’s journey based on sales funnel position to help you plan sales strategy and focus on priority potentials.

    • Track customer life-cycles by profiles and see where they are in the sales funnel
    • Identify, monitor and act on your sales opportunities with potential customers

    Integration with Online Booking Engine, Requests Forms and Chats

    With this option you can keep track of every reservation request coming from your online booking engine or website chat and store it in the unified CRM database.

    • Get an online booking engine and travel agency management software all in one system
    • Never miss a request by putting them into your processing queue immediately
    • Improve multi-channel sales visibility
    • Store and manage reservations from your customers’ accounts