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What is GDS?

A global distribution system (GDS) is a computerized network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies. GDS system is one of the most sophisticated global distribution systems for the travel domain. GDS provides global distribution services for the travel industry with advanced computer reservation software, top-of-line travel systems, and web services XMLs. B2B and B2C travel software with Travelport or Sabre or Amadeus Distribution System around the world.


What is GDS PCC? 

Pseudo-City Code (PCC) Identifier that distinguishes one travel agency location from another and can also be referred to as a Subscriber ID. A Pseudo-city code (PCC) is usually a three to five character code (alpha, numeric, or combination) depending upon the GDS. With a GDS PCC, you can buy a GDS API. Which cost you 1850$ per GDS API. We provide Travelport, Sabre, Amadeus (1 Global distribution system PCC login booking I’d are (BDT12,500) 145$, and all of 3 I’d are (BDT 30,000) 295$.

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How does GDS PCC work with API?

First, you have to choose a well-known travel company that has IATA, Then you may deal with that company for using its global distribution system (GDS) PCC. If they allow you to use a GDS system and provide you with a PCC then you can book through by that PCC. From that PCC you can buy Travelport or Sabre or Amadeus API and can connect the API to your websites. Normally GDS companies (Travelport or Sabre or Amadeus) charge around 2000$ for an API. And we Charge 145$ for a PCC, If you order a PCC with API then we charge only 1850$. For details, you may email us: www.zoo.family@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +8801978569299

Travel API

Flights API

More than 750+ airlines including GDS carriers and low-cost carriers (LCCs) connecting various destinations in 170+ countries. Our Flight API is connected to Travelport, Sabre API, 1 Indian LCCs API, And a few individual airlines and travel agent’s API. We covered almost all airlines through our flight API. We selling our flight API only for 499$. We believe our flight API price is really affordable for a person or company. You can check our demo: https://b2bdemo.zoo.family

Hotels API

A total of 8,35,000+ accommodations including hotels, motels, villas, and hostels are available on our travel distribution platform. We selling our Hotel API only for 499$. We believe our Hotel API price is really affordable for a person or company. here you can check the demo: https://hotel.zoo.family


We develop a travel website with GDS, Airlines, Hotels API. It is a web-based application, where you can search flights and hotels with few clicks. You can enrol our OTA packages from here:

Package 1: Our Affiliated OTA

Package 2: White-label enabled Corporate OTA


If you want to make an OTA then you have to invest online travel portal. Not like an oldish policy. Because after COVID-19 (Corona Virus Pandemic) travel business goes online and hopefully by 2022 travel industry will move fully into OTA. So we zooFamily Travel Community built an “OTA software”. Where we connected many travel companies inventory API, GDS API, Travelport API, Sabre API, Amadeus API, Airlines API, Hotels API, E-Visa API, Tour API, CRM API, and Accounts API. To build this kind of software we got support from Sabre Bangladesh, Travelport/ Galileo Bangladesh, Amadeus Bangladesh, Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd, Airways Office, Fly Hub Travel Bangladesh, Need 82, Travellanda, and more. And especially zooIT – Information Technology Company supported a lot to work with travel technology and solution.

zoo Info-Tech provides an airline reservation system development company, working with global airlines, GDS systems, and flight consolidators. We integrate several GDS, hotel consolidators, car consolidators, and cruise consolidators for travel clients. Today zooIT information technology company is Bangladesh’s top travel solution provider, which develops travel portals from Bangladesh.