We are not only working with Digital Markets, SEO, Blog writing and Guest post but also we develop online Business Platform for “Travel Agents, Airlines and Hotels. We sell the service of “Hotels, Travel Agents and Airlines” on other-hand we support in aviation trade & travel industry as a technology firm. We leading the Digital Markets, which is a process of using “virtual technology” including Social Media, PPC, SEM, SEO, Reviews & Backlinks, Content marketing & Guest Post, Affiliate Marketing, Email and extra.

Our passion is our profession! So that we working with Travel Technology and Digital Markets .


Airways office officially connected with aviation industry. We are sales agent of almost all Airline. People choose us for Air ticket booking, issue, reissue, refund, and other travel information. We always ready to provide service via mail, phone call, website, and social media. We ensure a passenger global standard service and quality with the best price. As an International travel blog company our clients can book Hotels and Holiday Packages from our website. It’s an open information resource of the aviation and tourism industry. Airways Office “Travel Blog” helps to find cheap flights and compares airfare deals from hundreds of airlines and travel agencies.

Airways office is an international Travel Blog & an Information resources of all airlines. We represent, lead and serve the aviation and travel industries.


Bangladesh is south Asia’s greenest jewel and a country braided with rivers, with a rich culture waiting to be explored by pioneering travellers. Travel News Bangladesh is the most popular “Bangla Travel Blog” in Bangladeshi history. We represents not Bangladesh but also our blog publish all kind of travel news by “Bangla Writing”.This Blog helps local people to know about our country and travel industry.We always publish a news and article which creates value for our readers. “Travel News Bangladesh” creates a vital role to represent our country and nations by Bangla language.

Our “Bangla Travel Blog” Represents All Kind Of Travel News Bangladesh.


Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. official website is www.zooholiday.com and we provide best prices for Worldwide Air ticket, Hotel Booking, Holiday Packages, and Worldwide Tourist Visa Assistance facilities from Bangladesh. We always provide travel information and services via phone and social media and Email. We ensure to provide better services in a short time frame, which make difference to other travel agents. That’s why we are Top Travel Agent in the Bangladesh market, Who has over 160 sub travel agents and a lot of corporate. Our “corporate deal with various airlines” is very famous in the Bangladeshi travel industry, that’s why Travel agents to corporate choose us.

We Working with Travel Inventory who supports “Corporates to SUB-Agents”.


“zooFamily” is a community of Aviation and Travel Industries which supports ordinary people, corporates, aviation and travel industries with “Training – Information – Services”. From our website www.zoo.Family, you can buy all kind of air tickets and travel-related service.

We believe travel business not only run with inventory and technology but also it’s needed a community. That’s why we create this community as the name of “zooFamily”.


A global distribution system (GDS) is a computerized network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies. GDS is a large computer network that passes inventory and rates for hotels to travel agents and travel sites.

There are three GDS company Travel-port (Galileo & World-span), Amadeus, Sabre working around the world. We are zooFamily integrate these three company in an online portal which called GDS login. Not only that we integrate many airlines API with GDS login, but also many travel companies. So a B2B partner can choose us without hesitation.

All Types Air Tickets

Visa Assistance

Holiday Packages

Hotel Booking

Our Blogs or Websites Lists:


  1. zooinfotech.com
  2. zooholiday.com
  3. airwaysoffice.com
  4. travelnews.com.bd
  5. gdslogin.com
  6. zoo.family
  7. onlinebetinfo.com
  8. travelzoo.com.bd
  9. travelnews.com.bd
  10. airarabiaairlines.com.bd
  11. air-asia.com.bd
  12. airlinesticket.com.bd
  13. airvistara.com.bd
  14. amaridhaka.com.bd
  15. amazonprime.com.bd
  16. ukvisa.com.bd
  17. virtualcard.com.bd
  18. cathaypacificair.com.bd
  19. cheapair.com.bd
  20. chinaeastern.com.bd
  21. chinasouthern.com.bd
  22. dji.com.bd
  23. emiratesairlines.com.bd
  24. evaair.com.bd
  25. expediagroup.com.bd
  26. flyscoot.com.bd
  27. garudaindonesia.com.bd
  28. go-air.com.bd
  29. goairlines.com.bd
  30. himalayaairlines.com.bd
  31. himalaya-airlines.com.bd
  32. vfsglobal.com.bd
  33. cambodiaevisa.com.bd
  34. googleflights.com.bd
  35. hostelworld.com.bd
  36. iata.com.bd
  37. indianrail.com.bd
  38. itunes.com.bd
  39. ivac.com.bd
  40. jetradar.com.bd
  41. kiwi.com.bd
  42. longbeachhotel.com.bd
  43. lufthansa.com.bd
  44. makemytrip.com.bd
  45. malaysiaairlines.com.bd
  46. viator.com.bd
  47. chinamobile.com.bd
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