What is GDS PCC?

Pseudo-City Code (PCC) Identifier that distinguishes one travel agency location from another and can also be referred to as a Subscriber ID. A Pseudo-city code (PCC) is usually a three to five character code (alpha, numeric, or combination) depending upon the GDS.

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How does GDS PCC work with API?

First, you have to choose a well-known travel company that has IATA, Then you may deal with that company for using its global distribution system (GDS) PCC. If they allow you to use a GDS system and provide you a PCC then you can book through by that PCC. From that PCC you can buy Travelport or Sabre or Amadeus API and can connect the API to your websites. Normally GDS companies (Travelport or Sabre or Amadeus) charge around 2000$ for an API. And we Charge 145$ for a PCC, If you order a PCC with API then we charge only 1850$. For details, you may email us: or WhatsApp: +8801978569299