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About OTA Support

ZooFamily is a community of aviation and travel industry. We are trying to minimize cost and maximize earn, save your OTA, and prevent any kind of unwanted bill like ADM.

How does it work?

Our support center gives you issues, reissue, refund, passport information, passenger information, airline mile card insert.

      1. What is Timaticweb

      The thematic web is the world’s most reliable travel information source. Our support team uses a paid version.

      2. How much cost per ticket service charge.

      Our support team keeps only a one-time fee within 24 hours. Agents can add additional service within 24 hours of the same day. You don’t pay an extra amount.

      3. What about ADM?

      Our support team is fully responsible for any kind of ADM.

      4. How can I buy a monthly subscription?

     OTA agents can buy any membership plan. You have to pay a bill quantity of the ticket. No need to pay extra amount. Pay only per ticket bill.

      5. When should I pay?

      Fortnight (Twice a month) payment on the basis of the zoo.Family statements. So that Ticket issued between the 1st to 15th of the same monthly payment will have to be made before the 20th of the same month and the 16th to 30th of the monthly payment should be made before the 05th of the next month.

Frequently Asked Question

What is OTA Support?

This service is available for IATA travel agent, who wants to give seamless customer support to the customer.


What is OTA Support?

This service is available for IATA travel agent, who wants to give seamless customer support to the customer.


Who are eligible for this service?

Any IATA or Non-IATA travel agent can take this support.


How much money for this service?

Our 3 plan are available Basic plan, Standard plan & Premium plan.


How can I check Visa category & Expiry of passengers?

Our support team ensures you that, One way or return ticket eligibility according to the passenger’s visa category & visa Expiry.


Can I buy ticket if I have less than six months passport validity?

No. You can’t buy tickets if you have less than passport validity six months from departure and return date.


How can I know our passenger ticket validity?

Yes, you can easily check your passenger ticket validity from our expert support team.


Can I cancel air ticket before departure?

You can cancel your ticket anytime according to airline rules. Be careful before cancel the ticket, is it refundable or refundable.


How can I check my ticket change not permitted after departure?

Our support team will check before reissue your ticket & let you inform ticket rules if the ticket not permitted reschedule after departure.


How can I check Extra Baggage fee of airlines?

You can check airlines’ extra baggage charges if passengers required.


What is blackout period?

Around the world have some special festivals. According to airline policy, blackout considers the origin of destination.


What is SOTO, SITI, SITO, SOTI ticket?

SITI = Sold Inside Ticketed Inside

SITO = Sold Inside Ticketed Outside

SOTI = Sold Outside Ticketed Inside

SOTO = Sold Outside Ticketed Outside


How can I check Flight status before departure date?

Most of the time passenger ticket unconfirmed due to various problem, our support team check your ticket before departure & ensure you smooth flight journey.


Can I get 24 hours support?

Yes! You can get 24 hours of support from our team. We provide additional working hours.


Is my refund calculation accurate?

Our support team gives you an accurate refund calculation analysis of your ticket image.


How can I know reissue charge & difference of fare?

Our support team gives you accurate reschedule calculation & lets you know the difference of Fare.


How can I know my special ticket & promo ticket policy?

Yes, you can check Promo ticket rules with our expert team.


How can I know minimum transit requirement of my destination?

Our support team use paid version. Can check perfectly airport transit policy.


How can I carry sports equipment in airlines?

Yes, you can carry sports equipment & it depends on airline policy. Our support team provides accurate information.


Can I carry my domestic pets?

Most of the airlines don’t allow pets. Our support team guides you properly.


What is Tour code?

Tour code is a special number provided by airlines. Our support team gives you an update tour code.


Should I know airlines rules before segment cancel?

Our support doesn’t cancel your segment without informing you of airline rules.


How can I know Maximum & minimum stay of passenger?

You can see rules number 5 & 16 in GDS.


How can I insert Mobile number, email address & passport information?

Every travel agent should keep his/her customer email & mobile number for airline policy. Our support team helps you insert all customer information.


How to buy baggage from GDS?

Some airlines have extra baggage purchase policies from GDS. Our support team keeps inform you about baggage while reissuing.


My baggage weight depends on Fare class?

Most of the airlines don’t include baggage on fare class. Some airlines maintain baggage policy with a fare basis.


How can I get OTA support for my travel agency?

There are two options for support. One is remote access like any desk, team viewer and another is GDS issue authority.


How can I add Chauffeur and Limousine Services for my passenger?

Our support team helps you add Chauffeur and Limousine Services for your passenger according to airline service policy.